Your Partner Cheating on You?

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Don’t wait your partner yells someone else’s name while making love to you or don’t wait to catch him/her with someone else in order to understand you are cheated by your spouse/ lover. If your partner cheating on you, you already feel that inside.

But if you are still not sure about that here are some classic behaviors of cheaters! Read on and decide yourself.
Cheaters suddenly starts to pay attention more than before.
Did his/ her fashion understanding changes rapidly, or he/she start to use lots of personal care products, or he/she start to use much more perfume? If you observe such kinds of changes, you should be careful, these are not good signals! Many cheaters try to look better for their affairs!
But remember this is not a sufficient signal alone. Firstly, be sure he/she is not trying to look good for you or he /she hasn’t a midlife crisis.
However, you can sure that this changes cannot happen overnight it may the clue for your partner cheating on you!
Lies, lies, lies!!!

 Your Partner Cheating on You - Lies

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Remember cheaters lies endlessly. If you believe your boyfriend/girlfriend start to lie to you about even insignificant issues beware! Lying is the worst thing for relationship, it consumes your relationship. It is not possible your relationship getting better, if it was hurt with lies!

What about his/her interest to social media? Didn’t he/she doesn’t like facebook/twitter etc. before?
You should find the reason these changes because many people use social media for cheating.
Especially if he/she tries to hide the screen of phone or laptop when you come, it is also a very strong sing! If these are happening, I am afraid you are already cheated at least emotionally!

Changes in their mobile phone habits

 Your Partner Cheating on You - Phone Habits

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Hidden and long phone conversations, putting phone on silent mode, locating phone’s screen downward etc. are not reliable behaviors. You know your partner better, just watch him/her quietly, are there any changes in his/her phone habits. Why is he /she trying to make hidden phone calls? Sorry, but the reason may not be related with a surprise party for you it may be that your partner cheating on you!
Frequency of staying out late
This one is very important because it is not just the signal of cheating. You may not be cheated yet but if he/she started to stay out late so much, there is a problem in relationship. You can go out together sometimes right, isn’t it happening at all? Why not?

What about sexual desire?

 Your Partner Cheating on You - Sexual Life
Your sex life is also changed, right? Sorry again, it is not a coincidence! You are thinking that
Tiredness, reluctance, headache are responsible for your new irregular sex life. Nope! The real reason of you haven’t sex with him/her may be your partner’s affair!
Arising of new names new friends!
Be careful ladies and gentlemen, you may want to meet these new friends because you are a couple. Of course both of you have personal life and you may make plans alone with your own friends. Meeting with his/her friends is totally different. Meet them, share something with them. If they likes you, they are going to look after your girlfriend/boyfriend while you are not there 😉 then get know his/her friends and have an advantage!
Emotional distance ruins everything!

 Your Partner Cheating on You - No Desire

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I have to say that emotional distance is the first step of cheating. You are a couple not a roommate, you should share some romantic moments such as holding hands, hugging, paying complements. And of course the most effective one is flirtatious banters! Flirt with him/her like in the old days, it helps you to refind your excitement.

Unfair accusations!
One last indicator is that he /she is trying to accuse you inanely!
Don’t surprise and sorrow, the reason of this behavior is not he is suspicious about you. He is trying to hide from your attraction about his/her affair. Misdirection is the classic tactic!

These are some classic behaviors of cheaters. What do you think? Is your partner cheating on you?
If you think so, you should talk before blaming him/her. Correct communication is all we need!

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