Watermelon Cake Recipe

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We have a great idea for your sweet craving! If you are looking for a low calorie and fresh sweet, come over here! This watermelon cake recipe is very fresh, quick, and low calorie! Let’s look at this delicious watermelon cake recipe, don’t worry, it is very easy to prepare!

First of all, you need a small, seedless watermelon! Or If you accept the challenge you can choose seedly watermelon. But, you should take out the seeds of watermelon, of course! Cut of its top and bottom parts and place it on a chopping board. Then, peal its other parts. After pealing it, dry it gently with kitchen paper. And put it on your serving platter. Now we are ready to turn it to a yummy cake without baking!!!

Watermelon Cake Recipe - Cut

Now prepare vanilla whipped cream and cold it in the refrigerator. Frost the watermelon with the cold whipped cream.

Watermelon Cake Recipe - Cream

When you finish this process, it starts looking like a real cake.

Watermelon Cake Recipe

Then cover each side of cake with sliced almond. Finally, you can decorate your cake as you wish, sliced fresh fruits are the best! If you are in doubt because of different flavors, don’t be! I assure you that combination of sweet juicy watermelon, roasted crispy almond, fresh fruits and light whipped cream is the best sweet for summer.

Watermelon Cake Recipe - Roasted Crispy Almond

Moreover, you can make a funny surprise to your family and friends with this easy, delicious and innocent cake. Don’t show the cake before you finish your preparation. Slice it among others, they are going to surprise!! Because the best part is the moment that you cut the cake among others. There is no one can resist this appearance and taste!

Watermelon Cake Recipe - Slice

It is best to eat it within the same day, Bon Appetite!

Watermelon Cake Recipe - Bon Appetite

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