Unusual Ways of Finding Soulmate

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Find your soulmate with these unusual ways!
Unusual ways of finding soulmate in other words the ideal partner!

Nowadays, lots of people use internet, social media, and TV programs in for the purpose of finding a soul mate. However these modern methods depends on 1920s. In those years, there were 4 prevalent methods that were unusual ways of finding soulmate. 1920’s people were using these really unusual, interesting methods.

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One of these unusual methods of finding soulmate was published in a then journal named “Science and Innovation” in 1924. According to that journal, the impeccable way of choosing a wife or a husband is related with smelling. The application method is very simple but effective. First man get within a capsule. Then woman smells him. If the smell of man is not unpleasant for woman, they can marry without scaring, they will be okay. According to that idea, sweet-smelling to each other is the key of healthy marriage.

Of course, there were other tests for finding the right person. The second one of the unusual ways of finding soulmate was named cold-blood experiment. In this test, a man who standing next to the couple, fires the gun into the air. If both woman and man are afraid of the sound of gun, they cannot be a good couple. They should not marry because the marriage cannot be long-lasting.

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The third interesting method was about pain and endurance. In this test, women and men watch their partners while they are suffering physically. For example, while given an injection to man, woman is watching, at the same time woman’s the heart rate and blood pressure is measured. It was claimed that if the results of these measurements increases during the pain test, their marriage cannot be strong. Thus, endurance of partners effects the endurance of marriage.

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The last methods is not that much unusual actually. The unusual thing about it is the applying method. Physical attraction is a necessity for couples. But in those years, they tried to measure the physical attraction level of couples. How did they do this? They measure the reaction of bodies when man and woman hug each other with a measuring machine. If man’s and woman’s heart beats and breathings change same way, they pass the test. It is believed that they can make a successful marriage.

It is obvious that these methods are different then today’s methods. However, trying to find the ideal wife or husband will never change! By the way these old methods can be tried, too. Hope to find your soul mate…


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