Twin Paradox Experiment

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One of the most popular intellectual experiment to explain the time relativity is Twin Paradox Experiment.
As we have seen an example of the film Twin Paradox Experiment in the movie Interstellar. Although the film never in a situation like Twin Paradox Experiment even soon you will read one of the most tangible examples which is from the film.

Twin Paradox Experiment - NASA

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As a Twin Paradox Experiment let’s have a look the example:

Eartha and Astra was twin sisters and 20 years old. Astra leaving Eartha on the world went to Alpha Centauri Star by a rocket whose velocity was 80% of light velocity. Alpha Centaur was far four light years from World (A light year is the distance unit is defined as the distance light will take a year). And Astra came back to World from Alpha Centauri Star.

Astra’s rocket which has a speed of up to eighty percent light velocity arrived Alpha Centauri Star in five years Astra had gone to star in rocket four light years away, and returned in five years from the star. When that had come back to earth thirty years old Astra. To be more accurate, Eartha, the elapsed time during the trip Astra was measured as ten years. But, the time to act for Astra eighty percent of the speed of light does not measure as the measure Eartha. Astra was moving more slowly than forty percent of the time.

Astra had completed its journey back 6 years and has become the twenty-six years of age. The paradox is not that at the end of the Alpha Centauri journey twin brother of one of the twenty six another thirty years. Unlike special relativity tells us that situation, and is able to really make such a journey, and the other will be one of the twenty-six-year-old twins thirty at the end of the journey already. For example, a car driver driving with the ten km per hour will see a vehicle coming towards our car driver with the velocity twenty km per hour approaching with the velocity thirty km per hour. In other words in classic mechanic velocity is changing according to place where measurement is taken. Same as in classic mechanic the velocity changes in relativity theory according to taken measurement place. (In theory of relativity at the very low speeds with respect to light velocity Newton mechanics will give the same result with Relativity Theory.

Let’s look back at the paradox;

Eartha’s travel time was measured ten years, and obviously, she studied physics; Astra’s journey to the last time as to what he knew measure calculation. She calculated the result and found six.

During the journey time to the Astra was six years. Eartha wanted to calculate how many years will perceive this trip. She saw the world through the rocket judging by eighty percent of the speed of light which the world moving up the speed. (You know the relative speed) and found a similar result by calculations that do Eartha.

Astra moving at the speed of eighty percent of the speed of light, the amount of time standing one meter, forty percent knew that measure less. She was standing in her account of the earth moving. Just as in her account of Eartha took forty percent of the time than his own measure, three points for Eartha has calculated that the time on earth for three point two years.

The paradox itself according to a calculation result of the fast period to measure a moving observer, two different results are achieved.

In fact there is no paradox. When Astra accounts, she thought that a standing body with a constant velocity leading to a body to arrive to each other in her account with symmetric movement. She had missed doing motion acceleration was not smooth linear motion during the return from there. Because when we add the general relativity acceleration time entering the area where the action takes place in turns to results we have right result as ten years.

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