The Most Impressive 5 TED Talks

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Since 1984 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) brings us to inspirations with ideas. There are 1400 speeches on TED website. These talks are about science and cover many different areas of the business world. With these speeches up to 18 minutes in length you can find many other languages for subtitle. You are able to watch many conversations with subtitlesand also our chose The Most Impressive 5 TED Talks.

The most impressive 5 TED Talks will take a lot of time to watch all the TED’s talks. We have compiled this article. We wish to contribute to your personal development.

Here are the most impressive 5 TED Talks:

1. Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret To Better Work

Many of us define the formula to be happy in this or a similar way: I would be more successful if I work more, if I succeed I will be more than happy. But the fact that our brains do not work that way.
In this conversation Shawn Achor explains that the happiness is not associated with external factors it is related with how our brain detects the outside world. And he is asking this question:
Can we train our brains to be more positive?

2.Sam Berns: My Philosophy for a Happy Life

Sam Berns had the Progeria disease (who died 17 years, a few months after this speech), despite all the obstacles and challenges Sam Berns remained positive, and he will fill your mind with positive energy. Watching him, we encounter in everyday life and at that moment we realized that the subjects of frequent junk are very unimportant.
Instead of focusing on what you can change and you can not control the things you can not change the fact, we can be happy and always look forward. What do you think?

3. Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson talking about inflation university graduates. He criticizes the uniformity of the world’s education systems in different countries. His suggestion is that an educational system should feeds the desire to create highly immersive fun and he shares with us a style.

4. Simon Sinek:How Great Leaders Inspire Action?

If things do not go as we thought, how do you explain it? Or how do you explain what others to manage all the hardships bravely? For example, why is Apple so innovative? Apple also has similar capabilities as competitors, transportation chance, agencies, consultants and the media. So, why is Apple different from the others?
Simon Sinek is explaining that people are interested in the reason to do, not you to do.

5. Dan Pink: The Puzzle Of Motivation

How do we approach people to motivate? Dan Pink, why it does not work today, the mechanical reward and punishment approach in his speech and tells how we should approach the subject in order to change the world.

The Most Impressive 5 TED Talks

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