The Most Creative Home

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At the moment, a miniature house in Illinois is reminiscent of the fact that Toybox is actually living in unnecessarily large and stuffy areas.  The designers said that “The Toybox Home combines modern design compositional forms with an ecologically responsible material palette to express a whimsical concept: a home is a place of peace, simplicity, happiness and recreation.” Here are the photos of The Most Creative Home:

Because the designers Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz have managed to fit a huge house function into the Toybox’s 13-square-meter interior.

The materials used inside and outside Toybox were selected considering the environmental protection principle.

Building Costs

Depending on chosen amenities and the level of finish work, this homes would range from $48,000 to $60,000. USD

 Building Dimensions

Exterior dimensions: 

8’4W x 21’L x 13’4″H

Interior dimensions:   

7’2″W x20’L x11’H (147 SF)

Loft dimensions:  

7’2″W x 6’8″L x 4’6″H at highest point (49 SF)


Tandem wheel trailer engineered for tiny homes

10,500 lbs weight capacity

Signal lights, Brakes

2-5/16” standard ball hitch rated for 14,000 lbs

The Most Creative Home


The Most Creative Home

A white, energy efficient, thermoplastic roof plane (TPO) and painted cedar base wrap three colourful corrugated fibreglass cubes and natural cedar siding to create the basic composition of the home.


The Most Creative Home

A large sliding glass door and an assortment of square awning windows accentuate the facade allowing ample natural daylighting and ventilation.

Above some of the information is taken from the designers’s website. If you wanna look the details you can visit their website


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