The Cheating Masters

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There may be no students cheating. But, cheating is an art for a student. You need to keep a stiff upper lip. We do not mention cheating as looking around or other’s papers. We are talking about the fantastic methods to cheat in the exams. And these genius students became masters of cheating. We are sure that you will also say that they will be the most succesful students if they give their energy to the lessons instead of  preparing copy stuff. Respect The Cheating Masters..

Here are The Cheating Masters..

#10 This watch is not an ordinary wactch :))

The Cheating Masters - Watch

#9 Cell phone looking like a calculator..

The Cheating Masters - Calculator Phone

#8 Band-in  not only help the wounds it is helpful in the exams, too.

The Cheating Masters - Band-in

#7 Designed as a brand of the water bottle.. Respect!

The Cheating Masters - Bottle Brand

#6 Oldies but goldies. Pen is the oldest method for cheating.

The Cheating Masters - Pen

#5 Smart eyeglasses, techno guy.. Within the years teachers’  will be harder.

The Cheating Masters - Smart Eyeglasses

#4 The table of chemical elements are in front of you.. Periodic table on my shoes..

The Cheating Masters - Periodic Table Shoes

#3 Wristband, short but important..

The Cheating Masters - Wristband

#2 Long Nails sometimes can be lifesaver..

The Cheating Masters - Nail

#1 Boys we are sorry this method is not for you! 🙂

The Cheating Masters - Bra

The Cheating Masters

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