Surprising Facts About Depression

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In today’s society we meet depression frequently. Contrary to popular belief, most of us not informed about depression. For example, depression is more than ice cream and cardigan :p Joking aside, depression is more serious than we thought so we want to share some unknown interesting information about depression. Depression is very critical and prevalent problem so be aware of it, defeat it!
Here are some surprising facts about depression!!


-There are 350,000 people struggling with depression all over the world! Depression is more prevalent than you think! Hundreds of thousands people of all ages tussle with this disorder.

-Women are two times more prone to fall into major depression than men! According to researches, women are more intended to get into depression because of hormones!


-In the treatment of depression, placebo medication are 31-38% effective while real antidepressant drugs are effective at a rate 46-54%!

-We dream 3-4 times more than normal while we are in depression

-Severe depressions increase the rate of aging of our cells, so it causes the biological aging!

-Clinically, 1 out of 8 adult is in depression in United States!


-According to research, witty people and comedians are prone to depression a lot more than other people.

-Compared with 1945’s data, the number of people who were in major depression at that time 10 times less than today.

-According to studies, people who spend much time on the internet, are more likely to feel lonely and fall into depression and they are mentally unstable.

-Iceland is the world’s most antidepressant consumed country in the world.

-Abraham Lincoln was suffering from depression, too. Even so he just did not carry knives, because he was afraid of stabling the knife on himself in one day.


-Elephants and chimpanzees may show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression as well as humans.

-1 out of every 5 people in France is experiencing a period of depression life. This makes France the most depressed country in the world.

-Sigmund Freud’s treatment recommendation for depression, and alcohol and morphine addiction is Cocaine!


-Sense of thankfulness increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in human body just like antidepressants do!

-Light physical exercises cure depression in the long term and even prevent it.

We shared several surprising facts about depression, we hope it was useful and enjoying for you 🙂

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