Secret Google Chrome Tricks

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Secret Google Chrome Tricks are collected for you. We have good advice on one of the world’s most popular web browser ‘Google Chrome’. As you will read Secret Google Chrome Tricks will gain the efficiency of web browser and be faster while using the Google Chrome.

Secret Google Chrome Tricks - Google Gif

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We’d like to mention Google Chrome web browser for beginners. By preferring Google Chrome you can make integrated and synchronized with your Gmail account. Thanks to this synchronization job your all your favorite bookmarks, extensions and settings no matter where in the world you are logged designed to help you. Google Chrome so that the experience is fully standardized. If you wanna use Google Chrome efficiently, you should have to log in with one account.


Secret Google Chrome Tricks - Rescuetime

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During surfing in the internet Rescuetime categorizes them by keeping all the website statistics you entered according to their website which measure you spent how much time on the site for which category and a superb web application that gives you graphics about your productivity, and its extension. If we are to explain examples of your time on Facebook “very distracting” in other words, passive, exchange your time on StackOverflow as “very productive” as being categorized. At the end of the day so you can see how you spend your day dividing the application. We enjoy using this application and we use very active. There is also a desktop application to the Web application that categorize your program, and they provide you the day results with the appropriate graphics and data. Always use if you are an office worker.


Secret Google Chrome Tricks - Zenmate

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Another spectacular extension. Are you tired of blocking the site or unsecure network, one-click block and enter the site you want to secure your internet? In Google Chromes there’s a hotspot (it is much better), this app is for you. This app shows as your request using VPNs coming to a European country allows you to enter all the banned sites. It crypto your connection, WiFi protects you entered in the public domain.


Secret Google Chrome Tricks - LastPass

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Last Pass is the best password manager in the world. All your passwords (they announced their pages) with high security features are holding on the internet. This first extension of you as you open the chromes (master password) wants you safe password. After entering your password they fill your password automatically when you want to log into a page or even making auto-login. If you want to be filled template forms automatically Last Pass Team can do.
All your passwords and even your login application are quite safe because they keep them in their servers. Lastpass is especially recommended like 10 with different e-mail address owners. You may use in applications such as active or forums linked with a lot of social media. We highly recommend Last Pass. Last Pass is safe and it improves your surfing speed too.

The Great Suspender

Secret Google Chrome Tricks - The Great Suspender

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The Great Suspender is our most liked extension. Let us explain on an example: You are searching on a topic. You open twenty tabs. One of the tabs use 50 mb from your RAM. We have twenty tabs, so, approximately we are using 1 GB RAM during the search. The Great Suspender come to our help at that point. The app is suspending the tabs not being used since 15 minutes. This process speeds up Google Chrome. Also, Suspending Pages reload in 0.5 ~ 1 second.

Panic Button

As you understand the name of the app it serves you a Panic Button. When you are surfing in Facebook at the workplace, looking Special things 😉 at a Cafe or watching naughty things in home Panic Button is a lifesaver. If you click the Panic Button it will close all pages. When you click again it will open the pages.


Hoverzoom is a timesaver application. When you wanna quick look at the links of downloaded pics, Facebook’s and twitter’s pics in their real dimension you can use Hoverzoom.

Awesome Screenshot Capture

Awesome Screenshot Capture is one of the best screenshot apps. You can ta a screenshot specific are of the screen. For specific area the shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+E. For all screen view the shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+S.

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