Secret Features of iPhone

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You know one of the most popular smart phone is the iPhone. But, do you know the secret features of iPhone?  Many iPhone users are not even aware of the secret features of iPhone. Below is the article which actually show what you can do much, much more with the knowledge of secret features of iPhone.

Secret Features of iPhone

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1. When you want to take pictures with your phone while listening your music, simply use the volume up and down keys on your headset for it while camera is switched on.

Secret Features of iPhone - Headsets

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2. “CAPS LOCK” feature to take advantage of the shift button. Just double-click on the up arrow button on the left side of the keyboard. Now you will write in all uppercase. Some people still don’t know about this very basic feature.

Secret Features of iPhone - CAPSLOCK

3. Another secret feature of iPhone is that you can use the application to find out whether iMessages are read or sent. To use “Send Read Receipts” is enough to be selected. Of course your friends are needed to do the same setting in order to see if they read messages that you’ve sent to them.

Secret Features of iPhone - iMessage

4. To save a picture that you see on the Internet while browsing on Safari just hold your finger on the image and a menu will show up to help you save the photo.

Secret Features of iPhone - Save Photo

5. You can use flash light to see the incoming notifications. For example, your flash light may flash when you receive a call. You can find the relevant settings in the Settings menu. (Settings > Accessibility)

Secret Features of iPhone - Flash Alert

6. Messaging with the moment. Swipe left while tapping your finger on the message. You will see the time zone on the right side.

Secret Features of iPhone - Message Time

7. Faster charging of iPhone is possible with airplane mode. This is not 100% effective is but experts agree that iPhone is charged faster in airplane mode.

Secret Features of iPhone - Airplane Mode

8. iPhone will show you three options if you shake your iPhone left and right when writing a message. If you click on the Undo button, you can delete what you have written.

Secret Features of iPhone - Shake

9. Previously, applications were often been criticized for spending much data even in standby mode. Data usage of unwanted applications can be prevented with iPhones. For example, data usage of ‘Foursquare’ application can be restricted while not affecting the other apps.

Secret Features of iPhone - Data Extraction

10. Touch ID, the phone without entering a password, a security technology that opens the phone with one touch… But did you know you can open the phone to your nose instead of the fingerprint?

Secret Features of iPhone - Nose Print

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