Quarters Drinking Game

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Quarters drinking game is played with 2 or more than 2 people. Quarters Drinking Game is one of the coin games. It is enjoyable.


-Shot cup or any of glass (If it is small the challenge will gain but, if the glass is big number of rules will increase and enjoy will be doubled.)

-Beer to everyone or any alcohol of your choice

Before all, there are three types of the quarters drinking game:

Quarters Drinking Game - Friends
1.Standard Quarters Drinking Game

-Put the cup into the middle of the table or any surface. All players will be same distance to the cup. Each player will have beer with the same size of cups. Now, you are ready to play.

-Bounce the quarter into the middle cup, if the one is successful s/he chooses one of the other players to shot her/his drink. Then, it continues until s/he misses.

-After s/he misses s/he may shoot that ‘Chance’. S/he try again to bounce into the cup. However, if s/he misses second time s/he will drink her/his own beer.

-Let’s come to create RULE: If the shooter makes a three successful try s/he can create a RULE.

-RULE depends on the creativity of the shooter. 🙂

-Challenge: the shooter may be invited a challenge by other players. If the shooter is successful others will drink their beer in other case the shooter drinks her/his beer.

-The Game continues until the players withdraw.

Quarters Drinking Game - Challenge

2.Speed Quarters Drinking Game

-2 players plays in the same time in speed quarters drinking game. Both them try to bounce their quarters into the cup as quickly as possible.

-When the players bounce the quarter successfully into the cup they give the quarter and the cup on their right.

-If the player is successful at their first shot s/he may choose to pass the game to any player at the table.

-LOSER: The loser is determined based on the both cups and quarters come together at the one of the players.

-LOSER’S SECOND CHANCE: The loser have to bounce the quarter into the stacked cups. If s/he misses s/he must drink the penalty beverage, other players will decide the penalty beverage. If the loser is successful s/he returns the game.

-The END: The game finishes when the players are tired drinking.

Super Quarters Drinking - Classic
3.Super Quarters Drinking Game

-The players have their own cups in front of them. There will be a big chug in the middle of the table.

-One of the players starts the game. Ands/he tries to bounce the quarter into the cups and the big chug. If the players misses s/he drinks her/his own cup. And game continues counterclockwise.

Super Quarters Drinking - Super

-When the player bounce the quarter to the one of the opponent’s cup the opponent drinks his/her cup.

-If the player bounce the quarter into the big chug and s/he becomes successful. Every player drinks their own cups. But, the rule shows up. Last one who finished his/her cup will drink all entire chug. 🙂 It is a little bit cruel.

Quarters Drinking Game - Penalty

-The END: The game finishes when the players are tired drinking.

Have a good time!

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