Nutritional Yeast

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Secret of longevity: Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast
Nutritional yeast is kind of a gift to us and a unique blessing for our health . Nutritional yeast contains high incidence of protein , vitamin B12 and minerals such as iron , chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

Do you want to be more healtier and energetic every day? If your answer is yes, let’s see the benefits of nutritional yeast!

Nutritional Yeast - Energitic

  • Nutritional yeast helps us to feel more healtier and energetic because it is an effective stress-relieving. It balances the nervous system. It has also positive effects on our concentration. Moreover it prevents exhaustion and short temper.
  • It also prevents diseases by strengthening the immune system. So, it is essential for especially athletes , pregnant women, children and patients. They should consume it in blanced portions.
  • Besides that it helps to our liver. Nutritional yeast is very close friend of our liver. It expedites to detoxify the liver from toxins.
  • Another important effect of nutritional yeast is related with pregnant women. It helps the development of the fetus in the womb. During pregnancy, needs of body increases. Nutritional yeast is very effective to fulfill this needs with its rich content. Therefore, pregnant women should take the yeast nutrition programs during this period.

Nutritional Yeast - athlete

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What is Nutritional yeast?

Let’s recognize it better.Yeast is a kind of a fungi and it belongs to protist family. Nutritional yeast are multiply with heat. It is used in lots of bakery products and production of beverages such as beer and wine.The results of researchs made by Japanese and American researchers have proved that the genes in the yeast are very similar to human genes. Thanks to this significant discovery, human DNA will be recognized better very soon and that may provide opportunity to prevent today’s incurable diseases.

Nutritional yeast’s contribution to our health and beauty was discovered; now it is time give it the value that deserved. It is possible to benefit from the rich content of the nutritional yeast with balanced diet . For example, you can consume a beverage by adding yeast to warm milk at breakfast or afternoon. Besides it can be added to salads or appetizers for lunch or dinner. It can be consumed even mixed into fruit juices .

Nutritional Yeast - Breakfast

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