Nude Sunbathing Terrace

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Nude Sunbathing Terrace is waiting for you! There are only two rules

  1. Only over 18!
  2.  BE NAKED!

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 9

Nudity craze continues in England. After the first nudist restaurant is opened in UK Fist nude sunbathing terrace said ‘Hi!’ to the customersin Parliament Square, London.

The height of terrace is 60 ft. You can see The Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 5

Visitors of the nude Sunbathing Terrace savour drinking alchole at the open air bar. Also, you can prefer refreshing drinks.

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 10

You can enjoy with the spectacular city view of London.

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 8

If you are looking for more adventure you can play swingball or you can jump freely trampoline.

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 1

Don’t be suprised, waitresses are also naked.

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 3

To meet new people in the nude subathing terrace will be very interesting. But, we are sure that if you try naked terrace your vision will change. You can find more information from NOW TV Combo.

Nude Sunbathing Terrace 7


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