New Ghostbusters Movie

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New Ghostbusters movie in 2016 just scored a huge success in the United States. Debates aside, Ghostbusters is still very young!

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Ever since the trailer has been released for the new Ghostbusters movie it is under the discussion. One of the most negatively rated on YouTube to watch, is not easy. However, in 2016 the construction of Ghostbusters managed it. This negativity is turned into full advantage. 1984 followed by a generation of film to a generation that grew up with the Ghostbusters animated series, is now back, despite all the debate. Moreover, it seems to have survived the disaster that YouTube. In the United States the film were released last week, we investigated how the responses he received within a week. Listen to music of Ghostbusters, prepare yourself for the film will be released next week!

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All starring roles belongs to women and the staff of 1984 which made a remake of the nature of the Ghostbusters, it has attracted great interest as predicted. Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and starring Kristen Wiig’s film was released in the United States on July 15, he met an equally intense interest. You may be wondering what you were doing at the box office; It is doing well! It earned 65.1 million dollars in the first week, just in the United States. It still draws crowds to theaters.

New Ghostbusters Movie - Starring Roles

Women Foreground

The original film, made in 1984, had become quite large and a classic work on the third film in the series for a long time waiting on the table. In the end, the filmmakers decided to do a remake rather than a sequel to the original film. Four leading role played by women, and it also revealed a surprise Ghostbusters output. Ghost Hunters of all that was female? Ghostbusters 2016’s box office performance, the accuracy of the decisions taken or would reveal the mistake. Surprisingly also it drew considerable attention.

New Ghostbusters Movie - Starring Roles

A Surprise Name was Proposed

Ghostbusters was taken to offer Emma Watson for the film, but he was reluctant to accept this role. She thought that this type of long-term projects take quite some time. Produced by the company to bring together the entire team after McCarthy had a long and difficult process, she agreed. Directed by Paul Feige, the popular series in the preparation process of the film is inspired by The Walking Dead, and the main purpose of or never been told or explaine , even though he said that it is to create a story that can be told again in a different way. $ 144 million had so much money to spend Feige budget and this gave him a wide range of motion. Using a large part of the budget for visuals and effects Feige, quite fun, revealed a subtle and enjoyable movie. Although it remained faithful to the Ghostbusters made his first film in 2016, tells another story.

New Ghostbusters Movie - Emma Watson

A Major Marketing Campaign

A huge marketing campaign behind the film also lies. 24 hours after first trailer posted on YouTube on March 3, 2016 and had reached 24 million, to be displayed on Facebook. All social situations along with 24 hours it took more than 60 million views published in media platforms. Critics were divided about the status of the trailer of the film, some of which ‘clever’ found that are singing, some thought he was a complete waste of this new film. Still, I wanted to give a chance to film viewers and in the first week, not only had huge success in the United States. For the promotion of the film made in 2016, 1984 construction of the players participated in the television show the film. The film’s deleted from everyone’s mind for years “Who You Gonna Call” and sang the songs of Ray Parker Jr., sang songs in television programs after years. All these efforts helped to translate the film over his eyes.

Better than expected

The film has achieved worldwide in more revenue than expected in the US, yet at the end of the first week. All this shows that the change of roles in a male dominated film power into the hands of women is on the rise in Hollywood. Now, obvious that something needs to be revised regarding the system obvious. Hollywood does not give the actress as the lead in a sufficient number. But at the time it is called, just as we are experiencing great success, as we see in Ghostbusters. Obviously all the world, a ghost slowly learn that the search should find some time… Ghostbusters was not even meet the former power ever!

You can watch trailer below!..

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