Mountain Biking Safety Accessories

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If you do mountain biking then you should consider mountain biking safety. These accessories are must for providing a safe ride while you are on your bike.


Mountain Biking Safety Accessories - Helmet

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Helmet without doubt comes at the top of mountain biking safety items in this list. The fact is, you will want not simply a helmet in order to protect your head, but the one which is full-face which will defend your whole face as well as head from falls in addition to those accidental foliage and branches that might come in your way. Remember that a helmet for mountain biking is totally different from a regular bicycle helmet that only covers the top portion of your head. A helmet for mountain biking looks more similar to a dirt bike or motocross helmet. It has vital protection for your face that still lets you feel the wind on your face. Here some helmet types are compared and reviewed for more interested.

Eye Care

Mountain Biking Safety Accessories - Googles

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Mountain biking safety also requires getting proper protection for your eyes, too. In such a case, you’ll need goggles, not sunglasses. Goggles which are used for mountain biking looks very similar to those used in dirt biking or ski goggles. They tend to have a big surface in order to see thru them and also contain a strong strap which enables the goggles to remain onto your face even above a full-face helmet. You require goggles to shelter you from the glare, sun, dirt, etc. Here some googles for mountain biking safety are compared.

Elbow Pads

Mountain Biking Safety Accessories - Elbow Pads

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As you’re sitting onto a bike, elbow pads are also crucial. They can protect your arms when you pass thru dense regions of woods. Also, they secure your arms during a fall or crash.


Mountain Biking Safety Accessories - Gloves

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Another important element for mountain biking safety. Gloves for mountain biking are quite thinner and created from more elastic material than normal work or sports gloves. The elasticity is important as mountain biking needs you to grip on to something continuously and hold a powerful grip. They’ll also have few portions of tougher material onto them, such as plastic or rubberized portions for the back part of your hand to secure them from scrapes or cuts. Here there exists a good article which compares Giro DJ and DND gloves.

Shin Guards

Mountain Biking Safety Accessories - Shin Guards

As you’ll likely be traveling through grasses, rocky trails, etc., shin guards will also prove crucial. They defend your legs from all sorts of rocks, dense under brush, branches & similar things you roll over. They are must among all mountain biking safety accessories.

Special Pants for Mountain Biking

You can purchase pants especially prepared for mountain biking. They’re another crucial thing to have if you are out on the tracks. They add further flexibility & durability when you ride a bike. Also, water proofing is important as you might need to pass thru some inches of water or a muddy road.

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