Makeup Tips for Older Women

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When it comes to makeup over 50, the rules and techniques you used to know are no longer apply. You need to change your makeup habits since your body has also changed. However, you can still be as beautiful as the old days only by following a few makeup tips for older women.

Makeup Tips for Older Women

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1. Faint Concealer

Your concealer must be a shade fainter as compared to your skin & applied using a blending brush prior to the application of the foundation. Combining foundation and blended concealer will skin the imperfections. This maybe the number one clue among all the makeup tips for older women.

2. Moisturize

Apply moisturizer on the face & leave it at least for a few minutes prior to the application of your concealer. Then your foundation. It is possible that your skin might look a bit plumper & will surely take the application of foundation & concealer quite better.

3. Adding Water

Here we get another makeup tips for older women. To get a smoother appearance, usage of a creamy foundation mixed along with few drops of water is suggested. Mix the water & foundation on the back of the hand with the help of a foundation brush. This will be more tolerant as compared to the out-of-bottle foundation which is applied using your fingertips.

4. Faint Blusher

Use a faint, softer blusher shade on your cheeks using a blusher brush. Never use blusher along with glitter as it fits on the young & on the 70s disco scenes.

Makeup Tips for Older Women

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5. Soft Eyeliner

Select soft eyeliners in brown or greys & draw them on your upper eye-lid only, as near to the lashes as probable. From the outer corner, apply eye-liner under the lashes (to the bottom lid) for only one-third of the way.

6. Powder Eye shadows

Powder when applied right tends to stay for longer than cream based formulas which could settle in the folds of lids. Using neutral colors and a brush for application is recommended.

7. Avoid Too Much Sparkle and Glitter

Formulas with glossy particles lighten every pore, wrinkle and line. Leave the glitter and shimmer for younger girls who’re able to get off using this type of bling!

Makeup Tips for Older Women

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8. Using Highlight

Rather than shading your face, try highlighting. You’re looking for a plumped look that’s more youthful as compared to sagging, gaunt look. It is not a wise idea to use blusher alongside the cheekbones. Also, it shouldn’t be used in the cheekbones.

9. Instead of Powder, Blot

Excessive powder can make you appear older. Be watchful about the amount of powder you apply. Also avoid re-application of powder thru the day as a fast fix. For sparkling forehead, chin and nose, try blotting papers instead of powder.

10. Practice and More

Experiment with the above makeup tips for older women to have a natural & younger looking.

Lastly, check these amazing video tutorials, too.

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