Kings Drinking Game

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Kings Drinking Game

Kings Drinking Game is the one of the most popular drinking game. There are so many different version of the kings drinking game. Also, Circle of Death, Heroes, King’s Cup and Donut are another version of Kings Drinking Game. The game is played by 2or more people. Firstly you will lay the cards around a cup. Then, one of the players will pick up a card. And the player does the requirement of the card. You can find information of the cards below. If the player does not do the requirement of the card s/he will drink penalty drink. If the player makes a mistake s/he will drink 5 seconds. The game continues until all cards opened or everybody is drunk. 🙂

Kings Drinking Game - Kings

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The rules of Kings Drinking Game is taken from Fun Cards Drinking Games portal. Enjoy it!

Here are the rules of the cards:

Kings Drinking Game - Rules

•Aces: Waterfall – It is the most “dangerous” card of all, as it requires all players to drink for a while. When an Ace is drawn, all players at the table must drink, starting with the player who drew it. Each player starts drinking at the same time as the person to their left. No one can stop drinking until the player before them does.
•2: You – Whichever player draws a 2 of any color, he/she chooses another player to drink.
•3: Me – Whichever player draws a 3 – drinks.
•4: Floor – When a 4 is drawn of the pile of cards, all players race to touch the floor. The last player to do so – drinks.
•5: Guys – When a 5 is drawn, all the guys at the table drink.
•6: Girls – When a 6 is drawn, all the girls at the table drink.
•7: Heaven – If a player draws a 7, all players have to raise their hands in the air. The last player to do so – drinks.
•8: Mate – If a player draws an 8, he/she must pick another player at the table who will drink every time they do. This lasts until someone else draws an 8. But if one of the “mates” forgets to drink when their mate is drinking, there is another additional penalty drink.
•9: Rhyme – Whoever draws a 9, says a word out loud. The other players must say words that rhyme (for example sup, club, cup, bub, hub, etc.). The rhyming continues until a player cannot come up with a rhyming word and he/she takes the drinking penalty.
•10: Categories – The player who draws a 10 picks a category and the player to his/her right must come up with something that belongs to that category. For example, if “Marvel” is the category, “Captain America” would be a suitable answer.
•Jack: Rule-Making – If a player draws a Jack, he/she is able to make a new rule that all of the other players must follow for the rest of the game. The player who breaks the rule takes the drinking penalty. The rule can be broken if another player draws another Jack and uses it to annul its effect.
•Queen: Questions – If a player draws a Queen, he/she becomes the questionnaire and is allowed to ask random questions to any player. Anytime the questionnaire asks a question and gets an answer, the player who answered drinks. The questionnaire can use this ability to ask players common questions (what time is it, what’s your name, etc.) just so that they could drink more. This continues through the game until another player draws a Queen and becomes the new questionnaire.
•Kings: For The King’s Cup – For each of the first three Kings drawn, the players puts some of their drinks into the large King’s Cup. The player who draws the 4th King must drink all of the contents of the King’s Cup!


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