Is Pop Princess Taylor Swift’s End ?

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Is Pop Princess Taylor Swift’s End? Superstar’s image was destroyed with the one shot ‘Is Pop Princess Taylor Swift’s End?‘ coming from another topceleb. Taylor was declared as a ‘dishonest person’. Moreover, this move was made by Kim Kardashian!

Is pop princess Taylor Swift's end - taylor-swift-smile

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So how did Kim beat Taylor? Here’s a little update for those from the Hollywood World…

If you had a look at the agenda of last week on Twitter you would have followed momentarily the hashtag #kimexposedtaylorparty. Let’s explain what happened. This is Kim Kardashian’s second ‘web break’ initiative. And, yet successfully completed. This time the target of 7-years singer Taylor Swift had the occasional confrontation. Kardashian, guitar in hand and red lipstick on her lips as a neighbor girl, destroyed the image of Taylor Swift in tone. On the Snapchat with a single share….

Is pop princess Taylor Swift's end - Kanye West - Kim Kardashian

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The origin of the hashtag lies a bit further back;

The social peace between Kanye West & Taylor Swift was on good terms since 2009 Grammy awards ceremony. But, Kanye West broke the pipe with the words of ‘Famous’ song in the ‘Life of Pablo’ album. In West’s song those words have made it; “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b…. famous”.

West states that he had the permission of Taylor Swift while writing those words in the song. However, Taylor denies it. Nobody doubted the Swift’s honesty. On the other side the debate was with Kanye: aggressive, angry, Kardashian puppet, ‘crazy’ rapper…. Who would you believe?

Is pop princess Taylor Swift's end - taylor swift

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But Kim Kardashian had a suprise! She published a ‘document’ which ended the conversation. It was a snapchat record between Kanye and Taylor which proves that Kanye is right. The recordings made by mobile phone of West, talks about the song with the pop princess. You can watch the snaps below by yourself.

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