Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood

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All we know the wolf of politics from the series House of Cards, Frank Underwood. He thinks about anything other than the power. He is as intelligent as setting up a snare for his opponents successfully.

Here are the impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood…

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-intro

1. The answer of the question of What is Pain?

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood - Pain

“There are two kinds of pain, suffering that  strengthens you and nothing just pain and empty misery. I have no patience to this kind of things.”

2. Money or Power?

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Power

“To choose money instead of power is a mistake almost everyone does. It is like a manor house in the money Sarasota but after 10 years, it begins to collapse. Power is that there are hundreds of stone building. I do not respect the one not to see the difference.”

3. Love

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Love

“I love this woman. More than the sharks love blood …”

4. A different vesion of the Definition of Courage

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Courage

“Do you know what is the real courage? Keep your mouth shut whatever  you feel.”

5. Power or Honesty?

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Honesty

“People respect strength, not honesty.”

6. Can we delete pass?

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Pass

“History does not matter of how deep you bury. It always comes back.”

7. Promising in Politica?

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Promise

“No writer can resist making promises in a good story, just as no politician can keep on making promises.”

8. The main rule of politics

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood-Rule

“Shake with your right hand while holding stone with your left hand.”

Impressive Quotes Of Frank Underwood

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