How to Be a True Gentleman From Womens View

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The first rule for being a gentleman is to know what is a gentleman and how to be a true gentleman. Dictionary says that a gentleman is a man of good family, a civilized, sensitive, or well mannered man. But, who cares the dictionary meaning? We asked women about how to be a true gentleman. So, they defined the word -gentleman- for us. From womens point of view, here are the tips for being a true gentleman;


True Gentleman - Honesty

Two of the core characteristics that define a true gentleman are loyalty and honesty. Needless to say, loyalty and honesty does not only concern adultery, but it is the form of unfaithfulness that women despise most. Women perceive a true gentleman as someone who would consider just how much pain committing adultery causes, and if you love someone, you should feel no need to cheat with another woman. Another thing that gentleman are capable of doing is telling the truth. Women of all people love to talk. They revel the idea of being able to talk things through thoroughly, and, therefore, you need to be able to tell the truth and prepare for an argument every now and then.


True Gentleman - Surprise

Despite popular belief, women are not overly concerned about how expensive your gifts are and the fact that you made an effort is what matters most. If you remember to buy her something without even needing to be reminded, she will appreciate the fact that you care enough for her to remember her birthday/anniversary. If you are like many guys and have no idea what to give as agift to your loved one, you should ensure to listen attentively when she discusses her likes and dislikes. This information will tell you exactly what you should be looking to get for her. It is worth mentioning how crucial it is that you not only buy her gifts on her birthday or anniversary, but also on normal days, as these ‘random’ and ‘unplanned’ gifts are the most surprising. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but a simple handful of flowers goes a long way. As much as it might be a hassle, women really appreciate it when a man cooks for them, especially, if they have had a long day at work and they aren’t looking forward to cooking.


True Gentleman - Patience

Just as a seed requires time, care and nurturing to grow into a beautiful flower, so does your relationship. You cannot expect for your relationship to be perfect from the word go, and you certainly cannot expect your woman to trust you, until a substantial amount of time has passed. It is for this reason, you should have the patience to allow your woman to open up to you over time and once you’ve built trust within the relationship. You should also remind her of the reasons why you love her, what makes her special to you and of course tell her she is the most beautiful girl in the world. As much as you may not want to, when you go for walks you should hold her hand, and in the evening you should hold her close and make her feel safe. This demonstration of patience will prove to her that you are trustworthy and a ‘keeper’.


True Gentleman - Respect

Not only should you have the utmost respect for yourself, but also for the other people around you including your girlfriend. This means that you do not change yourself according to other’s expectations, but you do allow others to express themselves and you are receptive to what they have to say. When you are in public places or speaking with people, demonstrate how respectful you are with your kindness, and never avoid people’s eyes, especially those belonging to your girl. It is also a good idea to stay away from sensitive topics, unless the other party has given you permission to discuss them. Again, whilst you should aim to be as polite as possible, you shouldn’t try to change who you are too much, but there are some obvious things you should avoid, if you want to be a true gentleman.


True Gentleman

From a young age, girls create the fantasy of being taken away by a handsome prince, riding a proud white stallion, and galloping into the sunset. Unfortunately, life is a little different from the fairytales we would fantasize about as children. That does not conclude that guys cannot be the princes that women have always wanted. Despite the fact that each woman has her own unique taste in princes, what proves to be most important is someone who can take good care of themselves. This means taking care to have good hygiene and a personal fashion sense that works for you. You do not need to overdo it, but it is essential to show her that you are a man, who is capable of taking care of himself. In turn, this will show her that if needs be, you can take care of her too.


True Gentleman - Manners

Politeness is a core attribute of every gentlemen. Even if he occasionally slips up with his manners or forgets how to be polite in a situation, he always tries his hardest to be both respectful (as mentioned previously) and polite. The best gentlemen know and appreciate how they can help other people in any given situation. They are not ‘people pleasers’ per-say, but they do desire to be helpful where possible. Even minor things like helping people with doors, or allowing someone else to have their seat on the bus, can demonstrate just how much of a true gentleman you are. You may not notice it, but girls do pay attention to these little acts of kindness, and they actually find it attractive. So the next time someone is being irrational towards you, even though it can be tempting to lose your cool, instead be calm, breathe slowly and be as polite as possible. This simple act will be very impressive to girls.

Lastly, I can advice you to also read this great wiki tutorial about being a true gentleman if you still need help.

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