Grilled Fruits Recipes

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Fruits are on the grill!

If you are open to new ideas and tastes, you should come closer 🙂 We will force your imagination with delicious, easy, and healty snack recepies for grilled fruits recepies! In these recipies the main characters are grilled fruits recipes! Some of you may be familiar to grilling fruits but if you dont, you may check this post in order to get more information about the choise of fruit and how to grill them.

Grilled Fruits

You can be sure that they look much more appetizingly and taste much more delicious than you think . Some of you have already tried several of grilled fruits recipes and some of you have never heard about them. We believe that these recepies will attract all of your attention and inspire you!

Here are our favaourite grilled fruits recipes, lets surprise your guests, family, friends…


1. Plum Salad !

grilled fruit recepies- Plum Salad

This purple salad is composed of blue cheese , walnuts , lettuce, basil, balsamic and grilled plums! It will be the star of your table with its colorfulness and amazing taste!

(Source: La domestique )

2. Fruit Festival !

grilled fruit recepies - Fruit Festival

To prepare fruit festival, first we shoul skewer fresh strawberries , pineapples and slices of cake. Then, we brush warm honey and linden tea on them. They are ready to go in to oven. Finally, you may pour melted chocolate out on to grilled fruit skewers! You are going to love it, actually not just you, share it with children!

3. Pineapple and Coconut Balls !

grilled fruit recepies - Pineapple and Coconut Balls

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It is very simple and innocent dessert. For this appetizing dessert, grilled pineapple slices and coconut balls are enough. Dont limit yourself you can put anything else next to it. Surprise everybody effortlessly!
(Source: Martha Stewart )

4. Grilled Fruity Sangria !

grilled fruit recepies - Grilled Fruity Sangria

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Sangria is a classic Spanish beverage made from fruits wine and tasty spices. Sangria is very delisious but can we increase its taste with grilled fruits ? Ofcourse we can!!!

(Source: McCormick )

5. Apple Slices !

grilled fruit recepies - Apple Slice

Marinated apple slices with honey , vanilla, ginger, mint leaves and black peppercorn are waited in the refregirator for a while. When marineted apple slices are ready, we grill them. They can be served with meals as appetizer or you can sweeten them some more and eat them as dessert.

(Source: My Recipes )

6. Honey , Yogurt and Grilled Fruits !

grilled fruit recepies - Honey , Yogurt and Grilled Fruits

Here is another simple, delicious, and nutritious recepie! First peach and plum slices are grill with a little bir oil. They are ready to get together with yogurt and honey.
fried in olive oil Grilled dropwise , ‘ll teach you how you meet? Simple, healthy, tasty …

( source: Playin With My Food )

7. Prosciutto and Melon Balls in Bamboo Skewers !

grilled fruit recepies - Prosciutto and Melon Balls

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It is a classic Italian appetizer. Melon Balls and prosciutto are skewered and grilled. That is all, it is a great summer snack that can be prepared easily!

( source: Capital Style )

Bon appetite!

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