Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week!

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How do you find a girlfriend/boyfriend in a week? Over here!
If you don’t have a lover for a while and this situation upsets you, pay attention here!
Stop complaining about loneliness, read this carefully and apply it! If you make some effort, these can be your last alone days! Now, Let’s see how to find a girlfriend/boyfriend in a week:

Refresh your appearance!

 Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week - Refresh

You were alone for a long time and mostly you were hanging around at home. But now it’s time to refresh yourself and go outside! Changing your look is important because before other people you should like your appearance. By doing this, you will re-gain your confidence. Dont forget self-confidence and attractive appearance are fast friends.

Change your environment!

Explore new places that you like. By doing this, you will inrease the possibility of meeting new like-minded people. You may start with just a cup of coffee then who knows.

 Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week - Enviroment

Get into the crowd!

 Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week - Crowd

Shopping malls, cinemas, tea gardans, cafes, bars are best places that you can meet new people. Even public transportation may create new opportunities for you as long as you dont ignore coincidences. Because sometimes coincidences can change people’s lifes complitely!

Call your friends!

 Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week - Friends

Call your friends and meet them and their friends often. Dont hesitate to enter your friends environments. One of their friend may be your future girlfriend/ boyfriend. So, dont stop for meeting him/her anymore! Dont miss the invitation of large parties…

New environment but the specific one!

 Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week - Dance class

We have 7 days, lets accelerate the process. Find a workshop, dance class, sport course etc, it should be something you liked and subcribe to it. You must have a partner in there, right? Lets see what kind of a person he/she is.

Potential candidates!

Glancing your phone list and social media contacts is also a good move. May be a person you know but you did not think as a  lover is your soulmate. Open your eyes its possible!

Look around more carefully!

Now you should be a better observer and you should love coincidences.
Continue to look carefully around you . Breakdown your prejudices. Dont say ” I can not be with this man/ woman , he/ she is not my type “. First impressions can be deceiving.
Moreover do not expect to come a new person to you for meeting him/her, you can go and say hi!

Do not underestimate the power of internet!

 Find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in a Week - Internet

Nowadays, lots of people use internet. You should take advantage of the power of internet. How will you do this? Offcource, meeting new people via internet! It is very simple, effortless and effective way. Give a chance to chat rooms, matchmaker sites and social network sites.
However, it is important to be careful while meeting someone via internet because not everyone in there is well-meaning person! Dont give your personal information to people in internet.

Now, you know how to find a girlfriend/boyfriend in a week.

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