English Movies

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English movies have always special place in the film industry. We prepared a special edition for you.

The Red Shoes

English Movies - The Red Shoes
Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
The red Shoes is a drama and musical type film. We see wonderful color choice in the scenes with regard to 1948’s film technology. The film is the story of a ballet. And the film notices the Red Shoes fairy tale.


English Movies - Trainspotting
Director: Danny Boyle
Trainspotting is filmed by the novel of Irvine Welsh. It mentions a group of heroin addicted young. In addition, it is shown how addiction affects their lives. Starring character is Ewan McGregor with the name Renton Mark. This film is very popular between critics.


English Movies - Snatch
Director: Guy Ritchie
Snatch is one of the best English movie as a crime comedy film. Starring is Brad Pitt, Jason Statham…

Love Actually

English Movies - Love Actually
Director: Richard Curtis
It is like a fairy tale and romantic comedy film. But it is not one story the film includes eleven stories. Some of them happy end some of them don’t. You will absolutely enjoy during watching.

James Bond Film Series

English Movies - James Bond
Director: Sam Mendes, Terence Young, Guy Hamilton, Lewis Gilbert, John Glen
James Bond, 007 is one of the cult character of English movies. The character of James Bond is an agent of British Secret Service. Ian Fleming is the creator of James Bond. He firstly wrote Bond character in 1953. Ian Fleming wrote 14 novel about James Bond. After death of Ian Fleming Kingsley Amis start to write new James Bond’s novels. Then, John Gardner continued to write James Bond’s novels. Between 2005- 2009 Charlie Higson started the young Bond series. Some of books adapted to the films. And there exist 24 James bond films.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

English Movies - Lock Stock
Director: Guy Ritchie
The film is about funny and violent story of four friends. After two years guy Ritchie made a film, Snatch. Snatch has similarities with this film. Also, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is the first act of Jason Statham.

28 Days Later

English Movies - 28 Days Later
Director: Danny Boyle
The film is science-fiction and horror. The topic of film is a virus outbreak influenced the England.

Dead Man’s Shoes

English Movies - Dead Man's Shoes
Director: Shane Meadows
Starring is Paddy Considine. If you like revenge movies this film is for you.

Shaun Of The Dead

Director: Edgar Wright
One of the comedy production of English Movies will change your perspective to the zombie movies. Shaun has lazy and ordinary life. Shaun with his best friend Ed try to save his family from zombies.

Children Of Men

English Movies - Children of men
Director: Alfonso Cuaron
In 2027 the world population’s increase reduced. There is no new born anymore. In this chaos people pursue a hope.

Eastern Promises

English Movies - Eastern Promises
Director: David Cronenberg
Anna a midwife found a diary of a died woman. Then she met Nikolai working Russian mafia. Then, events go on. Starring are Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts. Eastern Promises is one of the best crime and mystery films.


English Movies - Hunger
Director: Steve McQueen
Hunger is Steve McQueen’s first feature film and a true story associated with the IRA. You can watch the impressive acting of Micheal Fassbender.

The King’s Speech

English Movies - The King's Speech
Director: Tom Hooper
Colin Firth plays IV. George and his speech disorder. It is a historical drama. The film was nomitated for ten Academy Awards and won four awards. Also, one of the prize is the best film.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

English Movies - tinker-tailor-soldier-spy
Director: Tomas Alfredson
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is adapted from John le Carré’s novel. The story passes in Cold War years. A British secret service agent’s mission is the topic of the film. Starring is Gary Oldman.

Les Misérables

English Movies - Les Miserables
Director: Tom Hooper
Les Misérables is adapted from Victor Hugos’s novel, Les Misérables. The film is one of the musical english movies. It is shown as the best musical and adapted film of last years.

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