Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity is a very popular card game in the world. It is designed as a funny party game. So, all you need is a group it doesn’t matter it is small or large. Gather together people, time to burst into laughter!!

Cards Against Humanity -Cards

Before giving more information about Cards Against Humanity I would like to make a few warning about the game 🙂

First of all, I should state that it is suitable for adults because this game has a mature content. Mostly, you will see sexually explicit jokes and also a vulgar language. Secondly while playing this game “Don’t take no offence”. Because it has really satirical character but it is still so funny! Actually you can easily see that the name of the game – cards against humanity- references the common phrase “Crimes against humanity”. I think you understand what I mean 😉

If it is okey for you, let’s recognize the Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity - DesignPack

I would like to mention the general rules of this fantastic game. There are 550 cards in total; 90 black and 460 white. Black cards contain questions or fill in the blank sentences. As you guess, white cards have various answers. Firstly, one of the players is assigned as a Card Czar who has responsible for black cards. Then each players takes 10 white cards. Card Czar draws a black card and read it aloud. Other players try to compose funniest combination with picking their best card. Each player pick his/her card and pass it face down to the Card czar. Card czar reads all of the combinations aloud and pick the best one. The owner of the best combination gains “Awesome Points”.

Cards Against Humanity - Party

Card against humanity is the best party game of recent times. Besides that its really easy to reach this game. You can download the whole content and compose your own cards, it is available on the original website. Also you can purchase the hard copy of the game. After a month later of its official release, it would be the number one game according to Amazon. It is still much sought after in the world. If you like parties, games, people and fun you should try it once.

Cards Against Humanity resembles another good game “Apples to Appies”. If you play apples to appies you can see the similarity. Besides Magic: The Gathering, Charades, and Balderdash other games which inspired the creators of cards against humanity. Who are they? The creators of this amazing game are several fun- loving Highland High school graduates. They create it especially for parties.

Cards Against Humanity - Bar

By the way, There are several different editions of the game; United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. Each edition is played same way and the numbers of cards are also same. The only difference is content of the cards each editions contains cultural and local humour.

Cards Against Humanity - Home Party

I searched and played it for you. While doing that i had so much fun 😀 However, it goes without saying some touchy people may not like it so much because it contains some racist and sexist jokes. Some people found it insulting and against humanity!!!

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