Biggest Concert Ever

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Biggest concert ever, what are your guesses? 100 000, 500 000 or one million!? Folks, it is more than those.Biggest Concer ever hero is Rod Stewart from England. Rod Stewart with album selling up to 150 million performed the biggest concert at the Copacabana Beach in 31 December 1994. The concert is known as all-time biggest concert ever.

Biggest Concert Ever - rod stewart concert

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According to the Guinness world records recorded most people follow the free solo rock concert Rod Stewart has the title in hand with the reputation of an individual.

Date: 31 December 1994

Place: Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Attendence: 3.5 million

Famous British rock star Rod Stewart’s 31 December 1994, Rio ‘s world famous Copacabana concert at the beach of all time for New Year’s Eve Concert has taken its place in history as the most crowded concert, which is free concert was followed by about 3.5 million people.

Biggest Concert Ever - Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach

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And from below video you can watch some part the biggest concert ever.

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