Best Sex Applications

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Do you ever think that your mobile phone can also colour your sex life? There have been dozens of options in Kamasutra games among the increasing number of sex applications in recent days! Of course, it is beneficial to be careful when downloading: your child or your mother surprises, if it is OK, it might work for you too!

  1. Art of Sex

Best Sex Applications - Art of Sex

45 different positions are waiting for you. “Say a number up to 45” means you can use it to move it! The application also gives advice on places you can have sex with.

      2. Fanclub Trivia 50 Shades Edition

Best Sex Applications -  Fanclub Trivia 50 Shades edition

Fanclub Trivia 50 Shades Edition is the game version Fifty Shades of Grey’s book. It is very fun game! What did Christian send to Anna before the exam, as well as many questions like what you tied your hands to the bed, are waiting you.

      3. Kamasutra

Best Sex Applications -  Kamasutra

Best Sex Applications

Erotic V, Monkey, Nirvana, Catherine Wheel, Horse Riding, Sensual X, Lock … If you wonder Kamasutra positions and want it in your pocket, this application is for you!

      4.Truth or Dare

Best Sex Applications -  Truth or Dare

What do you think of a hot version of the ‘Truth or Dare’ game? The application gives you questions such as ‘kiss’ or ‘did you kiss with a gay?’ and you have fun with your love!

    5.Sex Position Decider Game

Best Sex Applications -  Sex position decider game

Best Sex Applications

If you are bored of old positions and want to add some colour to your bedding performance, then dozens of positions in this application are waiting for you as a drawing.

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