Best Airlines Meals

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Austrialian Nik Loukas visited 44 countries and went 700 thousand kilometers flight until today. And Nik sorted the best airlines meals in his blog.

Best Airlines Meals - Signapure Airlines - First Class

The Best First Class: Signapore Airlines

Best Airlines Meals -Singapure Airlines - 1
Loukas said that he ate his best airline meal in the first class during Singapur – Melbourne flight. Singapur Airlines’ meals are made by the cooks during the flight.

Best Airlines Meals - Singapure Airlines - 2

According to Loukas Singapur Airlines’ first class meals are the best cooked on fly class.

The Best of Europe: Aegan Airlines
Best Airlines Meals - Aegan Airlines
Aegan Airlines is the Greeak airlines company. According to Loukas Aegan airlines presents its passangers the most delicious examples of Greek cuisine.

Best Airlines Meals - Aegan Airlines - 2

Most Innovative : Air Baltic

Best Airlines Meals - Air Baltic
Luokos choosed the most innovative flight meals Air Baltic. Air Baltic submits that ‘Create your own menu!’

Best Choices: Air France

Best Airlines Meals - Air France
French airways company Air France exhibits the best choices in chosen menus.

Best of the Asia: Singapore Airlines / Japan Airlines

Best Airlines Meals - Japan Airlines
According to Nik Loukos the best first class serving meals is Singapore Airlines and they are sharing to serve the best airline meals with Japan Airlines.

The Best of America: Jetblue /Virgin America/Alaska Airlines

Best Airlines Meals -Virgin America - Jetblue
Loukas claims that the best first class meal is served by Jetblue in American continent.

Best Airlines Meals -Virgin America -

Best economic class meal is served by Virgin America and Alaska Air.

Best Children’s Menu: Lufthansa and Eva Air

Best Airlines Meals - Luthansa
Accordint to Loukas the most delicious children’s menus are served by German Lufthansa Air and Taiwanese Eva Air.

Best Low Cost: Peach/Pegasus Airlines

Best Airlines Meals - Peach - Pegasus Airlines
Nik Loukas chose the best low cost meal, Japon Peach Airlines and Turk Pegasus Airlines.

Best Airlines Meals - pegasuis-airlines

Also, Loukas signed that the most delicious beef steak is cooked in his life by Pegasus.

Best Wine Service: Qantas

Best Airlines Meals - Qantas
The best wine choice is served by Qaantas airways. Nik thought this success due to succesful wine experts.

General best served meals: Turkish Airlines

Best Airlines Meals - Turkish Airlines

Loukas claims that the best flight meals sre served by Turkish Airlines.

Best Airlines Meals - Turkish Airlines - 2

Turkish Airline’s domestic flights are also very successful.

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