Battle bots New Fantasy for Watching

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Battle bots is a new version of fight for humankind and the biggest robot combat tournament. Also, it is known as a remote controlled robotic combat. Nowadays, battle bots became a one of the most popular American competition television series. In the battlebots competitors design and operate remote-controlled armed and armored machines designed to fight. Battlebots tournament is based on one by one elimination.

Battlebots - Obwalden Overlord vs. Warhead

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There are four classes for battlebots which are lightweight-(60 pounds), middleweight-(120 pounds), heavyweight-(220 pounds) and superweight-(340 pounds).

Battlebots - Tombstone vs Counter Revulation

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Battlebots can be employed with a mix of a destructive weaponry such as saws, hammers, spinners and spikes whatever you can imagine. As you seen battlebots are really cruel.

The Battle bots are fights in a 48′ x 48′ square arena designed to protect the drivers, officials, and audience from flying shrapnel and charging bots. The battlefield has a steel frames walls a steel floor and roof made from bullet proof polycarbonate plastic. Also the drivers manage their robot from outside.

Battlebots - Chomp vs Overdrive

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On June 21, 2015 ABC broadcasted a six-episode revival series of BattleBots and they fed back with generally favorable reviews and ratings. Now, Battlebots new season will premiere on ABC on June 23, 2016. You can find more information.

BattleBots Game

Now, don’t you wanna build your own death machine?

from this link you will explore minibot battle game for free. You can fight in a team or alone. You can accomplish do or die missions. Enjoy!

Watch the sparks fly as you duke it out in deadly arenas against your friends or one of the 16 actual BattleBots from the T.V. show. This is the ultimate contest of strategy and creativity where the goal is survival.

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