A New Service – Tittygram

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A New Service – Tittygram is nowadays top trend in worldwide. The website is Russia based. A New Service – Tittygram  ‘s message is that “Write Your Message to Breast of the Models and Send Your Friends”

A new service - Tittygram - Hot

Tittygram the Russian website is now very popular all around the world.

A new service - Tittygram - Happy Birthday

Two entrepreneurs from the city of Ulyanovsk aimed to offer for sale online postcards. And they succeeded. Oline postcards  consisted of the messages written on the human body.

A new service - Tittygram -Eat Vegan

According to the agency RBC, Tittygram entrepreneurs  had the revenue of 5 million rubles over 2015 just by sending message written on men and women models’ funnels as a gift.

A new service - Tittygram - Burger King

Tittygram’s founder Vladimir Gritsenko said that approximately 6 thousand messages sent through the site over the past year.

A new service - Tittygram - Men

If you want to send a message through the site you can choose your model between 10 girls and  three male models.

A new service - Tittygram - Party

You are sharing your mail address and the message wanted to send.

A new service - Tittygram - Messanger

The post is sent after payment (changing between 595- 1500 rubles) and selection of the body.

A new service - Tittygram - Utah Football

63 percent of orders to the site is  outside of  Russia.

A new service - Tittygram - Advertisement

A New Service – Tittygram

A new service - Tittygram - Spintown

A New Service – Tittygram

A new service - Tittygram - Good night


We thanks to Tittygram team as they send us that special gift 🙂

A New Service - Tittygram

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