5 Easy Ways to Stay Young!

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Who do not want to stay young! For staying young genetic heretage is important but we cannot ignore the effectiveness of our effort with 5 easy ways to stay young!
We do not mention expensive supplements or products, it is possible to stay young through eating and living naturally.

We do not want to disregard the anti-aging products such as creams, serums or pills. You can continiue to use them, but I definitely suggest you to use natural methods. What are these easy and cheap methods for staying young? Well, lets look 5 easy ways to stay young together:

1. Eat raw vegetables and fruits!

5 Easy Ways to Stay Young- Eat Fruits
You should eat fruits and vegetables raw as much as possible. The easiest way of consuming raw vegetables and fruits is to make healthy mixed beverages. You can easily prepare these beverages with blender. Alright, why should we consume raw fruits and vegetables?
Enzymes are catalysts that increase speed and efect of all chemical processes in our body. Raw, fresh, and organic vegetables and fruits contain enzymes! So, they are not only nutritious but also digestable! You can also spend minimum energy for digestion of these foods. So, you still have plenty of energy for renewal. Most of the enzymes die in 48 degrees of temperature. It means that cooking vegetables and fruits decrease the nutrition quality of food.

2. Eat green and fibrous!

5 Easy Ways to Stay Young- Eat Green
Green and fibrous foods are prufied the blood, body, and skin owing to the chlorophyll in these foods. Chlorophyll is a critical component for reducing the signs of aging.
Green, present in leafy vegetables and seaweed; blood, purifies the body and skin. Cabbage, savory cabbage, celery, parsley, watercress and spinach are the foods that are rich in chlorophyll.

3. Skin’s beauty comes from the inside!

5 Easy Ways to Stay Young - Skin's Beauty

In order to have brighter skin, you should support your body with carotene. We should consume carrots, winter squash, and sweet potato often because these vegetables are rich in carotene. Moreover, regular consuming of orange, grapes, lemon, pineapple and papaya delays aging! Because all of these foods, contains enzymes that provide skin smoothness, elasticity and youth!

4. Exercise!

5 Easy Ways to Stay Young - Exercise

Fitness experts say that doing exercise is very effective for staying young. Its because doing exercise heps you to gain muscle and sports your strength and energy level. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis (bone thinning), heart diseases, and diabetes. It is also has an impact on reliefing of symptoms of hypertension, rheumatism, and osteoarthritis (bone inflammation). You dont need to go to a gym, you can do exersize at your home, too. Dont be lazy!

5. Increase your youth hormone!

5 Easy Ways to Stay Young - DHEA hormone

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DHEA hormone is known as Youth hormone. Consuming foods that consist of this hormone is an effective anti-aging method. What are these foods? Olive, avocado, eggplant, cheese, tuna fish, olive oil, garlic, seafoods, unprocessed grains, banana and nuts are rich in DHEA hormone! We should consume these foods properly. Additionally, reduce salt consumption as much as you do.

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