22 Interesting Details About Friends

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Friends Series is one of the television history’s most timeless series. There are lots of reasons to love the sweet comedy series Friends. A true fan of Friends immediately follows Friends after every crisis again because it is a happiness store. So many scenes, lines, characters and absurdities nice detail is etched in our minds. But we are sure that even the greatest fans of Friends will be surprised and smile when they see the  22 Interesting Details About Friends.

Here are the 22 Interesting Details About Friends:

1. Before starting the series withdrawal, Monica  was planned to be Joey’s girlfriend

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Monica and Joey

2. The shooting of the Friends episode was lasting averagely 5 hours

22-interesting-details-about-friends- shooting of Friends

3. Joey and Chandler’s big white dog statue actually belongs to Jennifer Aniston. One of her friend bought it to bring the chance before the series started

22-interesting-details-about-friends-white dog statue

4. Lisa Kudrow’s character, Phoebe has  the duck phobia in reality


5. 3 people of The Simpsons staff had been playing at Friends

22-interesting-details-about-friends-The Simpsons

6. Each of the players of the main characters took $ 22,000 per episode  in the index of the first season

22-interesting-details-about-friends-per episode

7. But, they took  $ 1,000,000 per episode in the final season


8. David Schwimmer (Ross) ‘s younger sister, who plays Courteney Cox (Monica), is actually older than him

22-interesting-details-about-friends-David Schwimmer

9. Ross and Rachel being couple was not in the original script. This scenario was developed as a result of the natural chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Ross and Rachel

10. Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch were thought for Phoebe character before Lisa Kudrow

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch

11. The scenario surrogate mother for her brother’s triplets is written because she is pregnant in real life


12. The reason being weird with women of character Chandler, Matthew Perry because The producer said that it was same in real life

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Chandler Bing

13. Players were hugging each other for luck before the start of shooting for each section


14. Bruce Wills played for free in Friends because he has entered a claim with Matthew Perry and lost

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Bruce Wills

15. Phoebe and Chandler is intended as a supporting character first

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Phoebe and Chandler

16. Marcel character was played by two different monkeys 🙂


17. The filmmakers wanted to play the character Rachel, Courteney Cox. But, she wanted to play as strong a character for Monica

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Courteney Cox

18. The orange seat is one of the main items in the series. It was brought from Warner Bros’ studio in the basement had been retrieved

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Orange Seat

19. 6 all the main characters kissed each other in a way. Except Monica and Phoebe


20. Lisa Kudrow when she first read the script, she thought Chandler was gay character

22-interesting-details-about-friends- Chandler Gay

21. Who plays Phoebe’s brother, Frank Jr. at the same time was the child who assigned  a condom instead of coins while playing the guitar in one of the previous section Phoebe accidentally

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Frank Jr.

22. At the end of series Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt gave a dinner. The wine  were served keeping by Kevin Bright the producer  since the first season of Friends

22-interesting-details-about-friends-Brad Pitt22 Interesting Details About Friends

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