18 Creative Drawings

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Christopher Niemann is at the top of his creativity. He draws interesting cartoon illustrations to Times New York Times and Time magazine. But, in his leisure times he just draws for fun and presented us 18 Creative Drawings. He is completing his creativity by using different objects that we use in everyday life.

Niemann names his works “Sunday Sketches” and he prepares in a different format sunday sketches with regard to more serious works, his many political cartoons.

Let’s look at 18 Creative Drawings and see the colorful drawings of great creative work of Christoph Niemann:

18 Creative Drawings - dead man

Christopher Niemann said that ” I take any object, I put on my desk for a while and I expect them to do a association by looking them long time”.

18 Creative Drawings - baseball

“Usually I would not want to arrive at the conclusion that no plan when I start drawing. I’m looking at the relationships between objects and drawings, when it is a bit different angles that surprised me and those who see. ”

18 Creative Drawings - giraffe

“These drawings are fully weekend. I began as a side project I’m interested. Then, I noticed Instagram that I discovered a very convenient platform to show my empirical illustrations. ”

18 Creative Drawings - tank

“In the serious business as I work weekdays I begins with an idea to cartoon story and I’m primarily looking for the simplest ways to transfer the idea to my readers. Of course, this discipline is growing and once again thanks to falling into a habit. ”

18 Creative Drawings - newspaper

“Once I begin to sketch as a project I realize the most important thing for an artist,  to look long enough to a object and to be able to think on it.”

18 Creative Drawings - limousine

“I want to say that there is something very pleasing to make this sketch, but it’s actually a pretty painful process.Before starting to every sketch I think that this time I could not do it. ”

18 Creative Drawings - carpet

“In my opinion art is to establish a communication level by making eye contact with the audience.”

18 Creative Drawings - fly

“I always trust my readers’ visual intelligence. The fact that they already know what I want to do to offer them with different connections before they think. Thus, thinking over what they see as the surprise and this entertains.”

18 Creative Drawings -  ice cream

18 Creative Drawings - announce

18 Creative Drawings - crow

18 Creative Drawings - soccer player

18 Creative Drawings - Hippopotamus

18 Creative Drawings - shaving

18 Creative Drawings - dinosour

18 Creative Drawings - soccer

18 Creative Drawings - boom

18 Creative Drawings - photo

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18 Creative Drawings -  Woman face

18 Creative Drawings – Christopher Niemann

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