11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love!

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While some of us desperate, pessimistic, clumsy about finding love, there are also some people who are really good at it. Why? What are their secrets? How do they do it?
Author Richard Templar tells us the secret of these people and give precious information about love in his book named “Rules of Love”.
Here are 11 golden rules for finding true love selected from the book …

1. Be yourself!
When we meet an attractive person, we want him/her to like us. It’s very normal. The problem is about false pretending! Your real love must crush natural you. Be yourself otherwise it is not possible to reach true love.

2. Don’t start a new relationship with heartache
If your last relationship damage you, wait until you reach emotional health. Or else, new people cannot see the real you. You start to wear down both yourself and new lover. You should spend time with your friends and family rather than a new love. This rule is preliminary work of 11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love.

3. Don’t be afraid of being alone!

11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love - Being Alone

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Most people start a relationship because of fear of being alone. It is very unhealthy, you cannot find true love by concentrating on not being alone. Being alone with yourself is better than an unhappy relationship. Always remember: true love is not having a lover, it is becoming one with that person!

4. Trust your instincts
According to writer of the book, most of the people feel that the person is right for them. You should trust your instincts! Are you relived with your relationship? According to another theory, most of the people feel that their partner is the right person or not in their wedding day. Listen yourself, a little doubt may be sign of much!

5. True love makes us smile!

11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love - True Love

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It is proved that we are happy with people who make us laugh. Laughing together is the key of true love and also long life!

6. Don’t repeat your mistakes!
Be aware of your mistakes, why did your former relationships over?
You cannot create true love by forcing yourself! This is the most important one of 11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love.

7. Don’t try to change your partner!
Accept your partner as he/she is! If you dont like his/her characteristic, hobies, job, friends, just break up before it is too late.

8. It is not about just sex!

11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love - just sex
If you are looking for a true love, you are planning to live your whole life with your partner. Good sex is essential for relationships but, it is not the only one. You will live a life together, there will be lots of happy and sad moments. Will you share all of these with him/her? Try to understand that!

9. Feel special & make feel special!

11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love -Special
Does your partner make you feel special? Not everyone can succeed this. Thats why it is named true love and its hard to find it. If you dont feel that stop torturing yourself and your partner also.

10. Stop testing your partner!
Dont play game with him/her. “Lets see what will he do in this situation while i am not here”. With these tests you can break your partners heart. Dont forget, true love based on hundred percent of trust. Try to trust each other but if you cannot do that, break away from that relationship immediately.

11. Similar points of view!
One last thing; you should consider that you have similar future plans. It will be easy to share happiness, exitiment and success if you have similar points of view!

Now, you know 11 Golden Rules for Finding True Love, good luck!

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